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Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

2018-2019 Course

Admission period open


Welcome to Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

The school of the three tenses of cinema


P. Adams Sitney

A Half-Century of Showing Avant-garde Cinema

March 13

Guest School

UCINE (Buenos Aires)


Focus: Andrei Tarkovsky



2018-2019 Course

Postgraduate studies

Film Preservation Studies

Training on restoration and preservation of the cinematic and audio-visual heritage


Film Curating Studies

Training in the conceptualisation and full development in cinema and audio-visual arts


Filmmaking Studies

Training in the practical research in making films or artistic audio-visual work



Lost lessons of Andrei Tarkovsky


Nestor Basterretxea film archive


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"We make Jorge Oteiza’s ideas on the regenerative power of aesthetic education and the desire for unity that Walter Gropius developed at the Bauhaus our own, and in our case we extend these to our teaching and film praxis".

Carlos Muguiro (director of Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola)

"We continue to perceive education as a technical plan for trades/occupations, in narrow areas of special knowledge or a particular way of earning a living materially. (...) But there is no calculation or protection for the fundamental teaching of a spiritual sensibility that we need to live together in our time".

Jorge Oteiza

"The way of teaching responds to the essence of the workshop: organic creation developed from craft skills. Avoiding any rigidity; giving priority to the creative activity; freedom of individuality, but rigorous study".

Walter Gropius

"Your film: let people feel the heart and soul there, but let it be made like handwork".

Robert Bresson

"To love a painting, you must be a potential painter, if not, you cannot love; and, in truth, to love a film, you must be a potential film maker; you must say: I would have done this or that; a person must make films themselves, even if only in the imagination, but it must be done, if not, they are not worthy of going to the cinema".

Jean Renoir

"Cinema must find its own way to express a series of thoughts; a way that only belongs to cinema".

Andrei Tarkovsky

"Art cannot be taught, art is discovered, it is experienced. Art it is transmitted in different ways to achieve a single understanding, sometimes with no dialogue whatsoever".

Alain Bergala