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01. Basterretxea’s Factory: notas para un cine constructivo vasco (Elixabete Ansa Goicoechea) 

02. A History for Basque Amateur Cinema: On the Gure Herria Series (1975-1985) by María Jesús "Tatus" Fombellida
* A history for Basque amateur cinema (Enrique Fibla Gutiérrez)
* Du cinéma comme artisanat : la série Gure Herria de Tatus Fombellida (Benoît Turquety)
* Twenty-seven routes around Hachas Jauregi. Liquid notes on the film Aizkora (Axe) by María Jesús "Tatus" Fombellida (Sahatsa Jauregi Azkarate)
Gure Herria series

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Historias extraordinarias


The mysteries of the province of Buenos Aires: the Pampas, the river, roadside hotels. The adventures of three loners –X, Z and H–whose paths never cross. One shot. Another. A full-on shoot out. A possessed architect. A bet, a treasure. 'Don't be naive, even the devil wouldn't be so audacious.'

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Hipótesis 1



This book, Hipotesi(s)1:, by Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE), is the first in a series of thematic, annual publications that will be edited by the students and based on the diverse ideas, interests and perspectives of the different generations that pass through the school. The theme chosen for this volume is that of transformation.

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