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The Amateur Movie Database aims to chart the history of amateur Basque film by exploring and researching its works, filmmakers, film clubs and festivals. Focusing first on the local level, the aim is to eventually compile an exhaustive map covering all three Basque provinces (Álava, Guipúzcoa and Vizcaya), reflecting the history and development of this cinematographic field that has received very little attention to date, despite its prominent cultural, social and political importance.

The information gathered during the course of the research project will be stored in the Amateur Movie Database (led by the researcher from the University of Calgary, Charles Tepperman), which has chosen the Basque Country, through the EQZE, as its first international case study within its move to expand its focus beyond North America by collaborating with institutions and archives all over the world.

The original project, set in motion by the University of Calgary (Canada), has developed a network of research tools aimed at recovering and attaching value to the history of amateur film in North America. By collaborating with different sources (magazines, catalogues, programmes, etc.), the project has created a movie database which has in turn enabled researchers to locate people and entities that still conserve amateur film collections, characterised by generally being disperse and difficult to access.

During this initial international expansion phase of the project, EQZE will head up a new avenue of research aimed at further enriching the database with sources that have hitherto been explored very little in this 'other' history of Basque film. The idea is also to design protocols that will enable the project to be adapted to other international and multilingual contexts in the future.

Data sheet

Enrique Fibla Gutiérrez (lead investigator)

Arnau Padilla, Alfredo Ruiz, Irma Baldwin Mateo, Milica Jovcic, Nerea Ganzarain, Andrés Fernández, Unai Ruiz

Related institutions:
Basque Film Archive, University of Calgary, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

2018/09/01 - ongoing

Research line:
New perspectives on Basque cinema


Basque, English, Spanish