Inés Vázquez

Inés Vázquez (2022-2023)

She is a producer, photographer and editor. She trained in Medical Sciences in France and Argentina, but in 2012 decided to return both to Uruguay and to the humanities, from which perspective she explored her interest in documentary filmmaking. In 2016 she took over executive production of Dos Orientales (Uruguay, 2018), directed by Sofía Casanova and Sofía Córdoba. From 2016 to 2018 she produced Phono-Cinema Uy, the international film and music festival. In 2019 she founded Byobu, a platform from which she is producing Ida Vitale, María Arrillaga’s debut feature film (currently in post-production). She has a degree in Social Communication from the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCUDAL) and a diploma in film editing from the Uruguayan Film School.

Last update of this profile: 2022