Nora Jauregui González

Nora Jauregui González (2022-2023)

She is a Basque audiovisual creator. She completed a baccalaureate in the arts in the city of San Sebastián. She is currently completing a degree in fine arts, majoring in Audiovisuals. At the age of 13, with her first professional camera, she took a course at the Photographic Society of Gipuzkoa. Since then, he has embarked on a continuous search for light and ways of capturing it. She developed the methodology used in this project after retrieving a small analogue camera belonging to her parents and recovering and materialising the memories stored on the undeveloped 35mm film. This led her to decide to work with analogue photography, attracted by the slow and delicate process involved. She applies the same approach to the digital world. She received an honorary diploma in photography and audiovisual arts from 24th/25th editions of the San Marcos Awards (2021 and 2022), for her photographic series ‘Momentos en 35mm’ and the audiovisual Eskutitz Bat Guretzat, shown at Da2, the Salamanca Gallery of Contemporary Art.

Last update of this profile: 2022