Gabriela Giffoni


She is a screenwriter, playwright and film director currently living in Lisbon. She graduated in audiovisual studies from the School of Social Communication at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). She is part of the independent film production company Filmes Fantasma, for which he has been producing, writing and directing films since 2016. She and other independent producers and directors have sought to make films using modes of production that lie outside the standards dictated by commercial cinema. She has an extensive background in the performing arts and dramaturgy, and wrote and directed several plays. She recently completed a postgraduate degree in literature at the New University of Lisbon. These experiences in theatre and literature have been fundamental in developing and supporting her dramaturgical research and authorial practice in film. She was a screenwriter on the feature film Hannah en las nubes, directed by Ian Capillé, which was selected for the PLOT (2019) and ARCHÉ (2020) project development labs. She recently made two short films shot at festivals, Killing me Softly (2020) and Eco de um soco no osso (2021), the latter of which was selected for the 18th Indie Lisboa. In 2021, she produced the film O Rio e seu labirinto and directed the short film A Noite de Isabel, both reflecting authorial research on the labyrinths (and other adventures) of time in alternative forms of storytelling in fiction.

Last update of this profile: 2022