Ekain Albite

Ekain Albite (2023-2024)

Born in Zumaia in 1999, at age 18, Ekain Albite moved to Barcelona to study Film at the Catalonia Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals (ESCAC), specialising in directing. Fascinated by analogue film, during his studies he shot all his short films in that format. With his friends and a filming group he met while at university, he set up the Negu group, where he worked as a director, shooting three short films: Erroitz (2019), A Rabassa Morta (2020) and Uhara (2021), the last of which will première at the D’A Film Festival this year, in the Un Impuls Colectiu section. His graduation project is the feature film Negu Hurbilak, currently in post-production and shot in 16 mm. Despite not being finished, the film has premièred in different WiP sections at the Mallorca Talents Lab Atlantida Film Festival, the Semilleru Lab in Gijón, the Cinema Pendent section at L’Alternativa (where it won two prizes), the Primer Test section at the REC Festival (where it again won two prizes), and, finally, at the D’A Film Lab. Outside the academic field, in 2020 he worked with the pro-Saharan association Darahli and the production company Maluta Films to make the short film Haizearen egia, a story shot in the Saharan refugee camps. The film was screened at the ZINEBI festival in Bilbao (2020), as well as at the Euskal Zine Bilera in Lekeitio (2020), where it received a special mention from the jury, and, finally, at the FiSahara Festival (2022), held in the refugee camps themselves.

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