María Victoria Moreno

María Victoria Moreno (2023-2024)

From a very young age, María Victoria Moreno used to always go with her mum to the first Saturday screenings at her local neighbourhood cinema. Both her university career (she has a degree in History) and her subsequent professional career as a teacher took her away from the world of film, although she has always focused on and worked in fields linked to audiovisual expression, since there can be no narrative about the past without images, and no education is possible without a visual element. But as some believe, our fate is predetermined, and her Master’s graduation project focused on the censorship imposed by different governments, both democratic and authoritarian, on Argentinian cinema from the 1960s to the 1980s. This project, which involved a deep dive into the world of audiovisual archives, not only aimed to determine what exactly the governmental elite understood to be objectionable and deserving of censorship, but also the status of local audiovisual archives. All her efforts are focused on nurturing, professionalising and sharing her love of the moving image.

Last update of this profile: 2023