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Hipótesis 1 Transformation

basque, spanish, english
This book, Hipotesi(s)1:, by Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE), is the first in a series of thematic, annual publications that will be edited by the students and based on the diverse ideas, interests and perspectives of the different generations that pass through the school. The theme chosen for this volume is that of transformation.

Talking about transformation means thinking about the different materialities of film, about the creative processes involved in the finished work and about the three tenses of cinema around which EQZE project centres. And of course, it also means accepting the concept of change itself as something inherent to the cinematographic experience. Cinema as the art of change.

The following pages present words, images and thoughts about the past, present and future of cinema, with no category or tense taking priority over any other. The idea is to reflect the circular relationship between the experience of seeing, making and looking after film. At the same time, as the name of the book itself implies, we trust that its contents and their connections will also serve as a reflection of the hypotheses, premonitions and concerns of this generation of filmmakers, the first to graduate from EQZE.

picture - Hipótesis 1