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EQZE students will curate "Other Lights" exhibition

The Pamplona City Council tasks to school the programme for the video art exhibition


Students at the Elías Querejeta Film School will design the programme for the new video art exhibition to be held in the streets of Pamplona this Christmas

Students at the Elías Querejeta Film School will put together the programme for the new video art exhibition which will be held this Christmas in the streets of Pamplona’s Historic Quarter. The Pamplona City Council has signed a collaboration agreement with the school to support the initiative, which will take place from 21 December to 1 January in various areas of the city centre. This morning, students travelled to Pamplona to visit the places where the videos will be screened, in order to become familiar with the exhibition spaces.

Maitena Muruzábal, Head of Culture and Education at the Pamplona City Council, and Carlos Mugiro, the director of the Elías Querejeta Film School, presented the initiative at a press conference this morning, underscoring its connection with the video art exhibition ‘Other Lights’, which has already been held twice in the past. Through this initiative, the City Council hopes to open up and imbue this urban space with a cultural purpose, fostering and disseminating contemporary art in all its forms.

The Department of Culture and Education views this collaboration as a positive step forward in the drive to disseminate and increase the quality of cultural programming and applauds the support which it offers to the young talent which is currently developing in the sphere of audio-visual curation.

The Elías Querejeta Film School was created and is funded by the Guipúzcoa Provincial Council’s Department of Culture and has its headquarters in Tabakalera, the International Centre for Contemporary Culture. The aim of this school is to promote the emergence of filmmakers who have a comprehensive view of filmmaking and who are capable of creating new cinematographic realities through three independent post-graduate courses which focus on archiving, creating and curating (respectively). Students from the post-graduate course on Curating will be tasked with designing the programme for the ‘Other Lights’ video-art exhibition, under the supervision and co-ordination of María Palacios Cruz.

The City Council will be responsible for organising the exhibition and installing the necessary infrastructure. It will also generate publicity material, manage the programme and pay the fees for the exhibition rights. The total cost of the initiative will be no more than €25,000.

The Third ‘Other Lights’ Exhibition

The Pamplona City Council initiated the ‘Other Lights’ project in December 2016, as part of its firm commitment to art, artistic expression and all things avant-garde in the city, illuminating its walls and corners with feelings, stories, reflections and thoughts in the form of videos. The aim was to bring art to the street and make it accessible to all members of the general public.

The first exhibition included 18 films screened in seven places in Pamplona’s Historic Quarter. The films were made by artists from eight different countries: Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Thailand, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland, and the pieces included some from the City Council’s own Contemporary Art Collection.

Last year’s exhibition featured the work of 17 artists, screened in eight different areas of the city. The initiative also included film and video workshops, as well as a performance of video-mapping, screened onto the façade of the Weapons Hall in the Citadel.