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Towards a more loquacious Basque film style

Workshop with Harkaitz Cano

Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

30/03/2019 - 10:00

  • Conference
  • Workshop


Asier Altuna
Arantxa Iturbe
Manex Fuchs




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No one would ever say that the more 'loquacious' style of cinema has been particularly popular among films produced in the Basque language. In recent years, a sort of virtuous minimalism seems to have taken centre stage, stamping films with an idiosyncratic pace, an unbeatable aesthetic grace and impeccable finishes, all under the motto 'less is more'. But why (with a few notable exceptions) do the stars of these Basque-language films speak so little? Are there no talkative Basques? Are many of our films silent or semi-silent because they represent a kind of collective trait that characterises us as a people? Or is there something else going on? Is it always an aesthetic option, or is it also a way of avoiding facing up to the problems and complexes that arise when we are forced to make our characters speak? Is the Basque language still a problem? Do we trust our scriptwriters when they portray particularly loquacious characters? And what about our actors and actresses? Are they able to sustain verbally-based cinematographic artefacts? In theatre and television we are used to this sub-genre that Alfonso Sastre calls 'parlatura'; but what about in film?