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Home Movie Day

Tabakalera | Plaza

19/10/2019 - 12:00

All over the world, 19 October is Home Movie Day. With the collaboration of the Basque Film Library and Tabakalera, the Elías Querejeta Film School will participate in this event, which will be coming to Donostia/San Sebastián for the first time thanks to a proposal by students on the Archives course. 

Until recently, recording everything that happens around us was much harder than it is today. Cameras and video cameras were not as accessible as they are now, and only special occasions such as parties or major events such as family holidays were videoed. These images enable us to glimpse not only our own personal past, but also the past of the society within which the movies were made. Unfortunately, not all these recordings have been saved and a large percentage of these memories have been lost. 

Home Movie Day aims to recover our film legacy and attach greater importance to it. In short, it aims to give our community back its memory. On the 19th of this month, Tabakalera will open its doors to
collect these materials (Super-8, mini DVs, VHS, etc.), analyse their state of conservation and offer a series of guidelines for ensuring their correct conservation. Moreover, providing the materials are in good enough condition, a selection of these movies will be screened.


12:00 Start

17:00 Film material recovery workshop

19:00 Screenings


Organised by: EQZE, Basque Film Archive, Tabakalera