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Students from EQZE curate the film program "A desert island" at Tabakalera.

The programme (9-14 April) organised by the Film Curating Studies student group, consists of nine films and two audiovisual installations.

Students from EQZE curate the film program \

The Film Curating Studies students of Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola have organized a public film programme called “A desert island. A habitable film program”, which will take place in the Tabakalera cinema (Donostia-San Sebastian) from April 9 to 14. Nine films will be shown during the six different screenings which will take place in the cinema room. Moreover, two audiovisual installations, produced at the school, will be accessible throughout the week. The idea of arriving on a desert island has to do with a new beginning, with opening up to new possibilities. What awaits us far from the mainland? The anguish of loneliness? The dream of liberation? The films in this programme ask how to inhabit a place, how to propose a life in common, how to leave isolation and find ourselves.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Blissfully Yours (2002) will mark the opening of the program on Tuesday, April 9. It will be screened in 35 mm print, with subtitles in Basque and English. On the 10th, the second day, Operai, contadini, by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub (2001), will be shown. On the 11th the program will feature two double screenings. The first one composed of the short films The Age of Innocence, by Maximilian Bungarten (2022), and Tú me hiciste ver el cielo, by Luis Esguerra (2023), a student of the 5th promotion of EQZE. Afterwards, Bloom, by Helena Girón and Samuel M. Delgado (2023), and A casa, a verdadeira e a seguinte, ainda está por fazer, by Sílvia das Fadas (2018). The latter screening will feature the presence of Das Fadas, who, besides introducing the film to the audience, will also project its 16 mm print. The last two sessions of the programme will be on the 12th. The first screening includes Vole, vole tristesse, by Miryam Charles (2015), and Ste. Anne, by Rhayne Vermette (2021). Finally, the closing film will be Sharon Lockhart's Eventide (2022).

The two audiovisual installations deal with real islands that are connected to the territory of San Sebastián and its surroundings. The audiovisual installation Lika, by Deva Pereda (a former EQZE student, from the 5th Promotion), leads us towards the river Bidasoa and the border, with our attention focused on Pheasant Island, which appears and disappears from the administrative limits of Spain and France. And the sound installation ODOYÁ IS NOT HERE!, by Ana Júlia Silvino (EQZE student), is a speculative fiction about what is not seen and about the immigrant body that perceives it.

From Tuesday to Sunday, Lika will be shown at Tabakalera's Nave 2 hall, from 16:00 to 20:00. ODOYÁ IS NOT HERE!, in the Plaza space, at the ground floor, in front of the elevators, during the time the building is open. Both will be free of charge. The two artists will present their installations together on April 10, at 5:30 p.m., at Plaza.

The films with dialogues will be screened in their original version with subtitles. Tickets can be purchased through Tabakalera's website and information point. The price is 4 euros (without discounts).