A heterogeneous group of filmmakers from all over the world make up the group of students of Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola

EQZE students have a wide range of different profiles: filmmakers, scriptwriters and editors of short films, feature films and installations that have been premièred and received prizes in many different festivals and exhibitions; authors of pieces shown at museums and galleries; and graduates in Visual Anthropology, the Visual Arts, Media Science, Audiovisual Communication, Fine Art, Law, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Humanities and Journalism from universities throughout the world.

Students are also graduates from film schools; university lecturers; film production and distribution specialists; curators with experience in production, management and programming at film festivals, film archives, film seasons, artistic programmes, exhibitions and installations; film critics; members of independent film groups; specialists in conservation; researchers; and professionals with extensive experience in fields such as editing, photography, sound and design.