Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola is a project school and in each one of them a prefiguration of cinema: a hypothesis

The term, cinema hypothesis, refers to various pedagogical projects based on imagining the cinema of the future. We must specifically refer to the Ipotesi Cinema school founded by Ermanno Olmi and Paolo Valmarana in 1982 in Bassano del Grappa (Italy) and the book, L’Hypothèse cinéma: Petit traité de transmission du cinéma à l’école et ailleurs, by Alain Bergala published in 2002. As a tribute to these two great initiatives, at this School we refer to the pieces of work produced by students, that in themselves are a projection of cinema towards the future, as hypotheses.

Hypothesis Time is the final EQZE event in which students exhibit or present their ‘film hypotheses’ in public. In other words, they exhibit or present the work they have carried out during the course: films they want to make and for which they may have only a first draft, works they envisage but have not yet found a way of turning into a reality, utopias of future film, cinematographic discoveries, research proposals, action plans linked to film archives or film archaeology, and installations, etc. And, of course, they also present all the works they have completed during their time at the school.

Although the school thinks about film all year round, this event serves to render those hypotheses visible and prolongs their materialisation beyond the margins of the course.