School#after#school School#after#school


School is the place we can go back to and where we can always find the impetus and wonder of new beginnings

EQZE's transformative drive reaches beyond the traditional training period and accompanies our graduates throughout their professional careers. Every school is an amalgamation of present and past tenses (a crossroads in time, knowledge, lives lived and different generations), but its ultimate aim is to imagine and give shape to everything that is to come. EQZE does not, therefore, finish with the end of the academic year; rather, it expands beyond it through different resources and initiatives, becoming a ‘school after school’, a place where we can continue to work on the cinema of tomorrow.


During their professional career also, the aim is to focus on people themselves, rather than their productive capacity. It is to help them understand our world, rather than look for strictly functional and analgesic recipes. It is to establish methodologies in which learning roles are interchanged and are not defined beforehand. It is to create an open refuge for learning, reflection and thought in which both professionals and alumni can participate, but which is also open to people from other non-specialist sectors that are not necessarily related to film. This is one of EQZE’s greatest challenges, which obliges us to view the school not in terms of training (a transition space, limited in time, for acquiring certain skills), but rather in terms of accompanying students throughout their entire lives: a house of film to which they can always return.

If Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola trains professionals, then the Filmmakers’ School (the school after school) turns us all into apprentices on an endless journey of learning.