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Generational losses

Research into the Arteleku video collection

The Arteleku art centre was set up by the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council in 1987. It continued operating until 2014. The centre focused on artistic experimentation, practice and production, offering a place for artists to work, meet and learn together. However, it was also a venue for exploration and research into a range of topical subjects in different fields of knowledge, hosting workshops, seminars, lectures and debates. Throughout its history, a wide range of different materials were created at the centre and one of the results was the creation of the Arteleku video library.

The EQZE and AKMEKA (the consolidated research group of the Arts School of the University of the Basque Country, recognised by the Basque Government) have undertaken a research project based on the Arteleku video collection. The purpose is to analyse the collections from several angles:

  1. Historical-curatorial.
  2. Technological: conservation and restoration.
  3. Legal: past, present and future usage rights

The project will explore the rationale for creating the Arteleku video collection, study the current state of the collection (magnetic tapes, digitisation, technical requirements for restoration, conservation and public availability) and analyse the legal status of the items held vis-à-vis their possible use (archive, internal use and public screening), as well as proposing a comparative study of other contemporary collections and archives.

The project seeks to offer a model for the study, conservation and screening of the Arteleku video collection, as well as facilitating further research into the video art of the 1990s and 2000s, together with the history (or histories) of Arteleku and its artistic and cultural context.

Technical data sheet

Research team:
Natxo Rodríguez Arkaute, Arantza Lauzirika Morea (lead investigators)

Students 2020-2021:
Lucas Larriera, Luiza Goncalves, Ramón de Fontecha, Vicente del Pedregal

Students 2019-2020:
Borja Rodríguez, Flor Clérico, Jone Aranzabal Itoiz

Santi Eraso, Gabriel Villota, Arturo/Fito Rodríguez Bornaetxea, Pablo Maravi, Andrea Estankona (collaborating investigators)

Related institutions:
UPV/EHU (Grupo Akmeka)

October 2019 - December 2022

Research line:
New perspectives on Basque cinema