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Colección: ZINE: Cuadernos de investigación cinematográfica
Year: 2021
Languages: basque, spanish, english

Contents of the issue:

01. Basterretxea’s Factory: notas para un cine constructivo vasco (Elixabete Ansa Goicoechea)
02. A History for Basque Amateur Cinema: On the Gure Herria Series (1975-1985) by María Jesús "Tatus" Fombellida
* A history for Basque amateur cinema (Enrique Fibla Gutiérrez)
* Du cinéma comme artisanat : la série Gure Herria de Tatus Fombellida (Benoît Turquety)
* Twenty-seven routes around Hachas Jauregi. Liquid notes on the film Aizkora (Axe) by María Jesús "Tatus" Fombellida (Sahatsa Jauregi Azkarate)
Gure Herria series

ZINE: Film Research Series is an academic publication edited by Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE), the San Sebastián Film Festival and the Basque Film Archive. The aim of the ZINE series is to publish original research which contributes to specialised knowledge in the field of film studies, from any disciplinary approach.

Technical data sheet

Author: Several authors

Editor: Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, Filmoteca Vasca, SSIFF

Number of pages: 44

ISSN: 279-6753

Year: 2021