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Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola creates a circuit between the amateur and the professional (…and vice versa)




Both because of the centre’s pedagogical philosophy and the physical conditions of the building itself, the practical training is organically interwoven into the teaching plan, runs in parallel to the classes and affects students gradually, and not overall. This means that the training periods take up, with a varying number of hours, the months from January-February to September, although in the case of the Festival the work is mainly concentrated between July and August.



The Archiving practical training will focus on managing, cataloguing and revising the Film Archive collections and the Festival’s historic collections. This could also be extended to other institutions that there are cooperation agreements with or shared research projects.



The professional practical training in Curating will be linked to the documentation, programming, communication and management departments at the Festival, and the programming, content and dissemination sections at the Film Archive and Tabakalera.



Throughout the academic year students in the Archive and Curation specialities will undergo approximately 100 hours of professional practical training at the Film Archive, Tabakalera and the Festival. Depending on the level of interest and specific aims, this practical training may be opened up for shorter periods to Creation students.



The process followed by Creation students runs along a rather different training path, given the special characteristics of their training. During July and/or August they will join two auteur filmmaking workshops, that will be held outside the School premises. These workshops are experimental work and creative coexistence experiences that will be run for a period of approximately ten days by internationally renowned filmmakers.



Given the fact that the School is a centre created by collaboration between these institutions, training in these work spaces is conceived as being a genuine process of passing on experience. The practical training sessions are tutored by highly-qualified professionals and are designed as platforms towards employability in the future.