Luciano Berriatúa

Researcher and restorer
Luciano (Film Preservation Studies)

A director of fictional feature films (El buscón, 1976 and El lado oscuro, 2002) short films, documentaries and cartoons, he has had a wide-ranging film career as a director of photography, scriptwriter, editor, actor and film restorer specialising in the work of F. W. Murnau and Orson Welles and in animated films and silent Spanish cinema, and has worked for the Spanish Film Library, Film Library of Catalonia and the F.W. Murnau Stiftung (Wiesbaden). As a historian and researcher he has published various books about F.W.Murnau and numerous articles in Spanish, French, German and Italian magazines. He teaches film restoration and production at Paris 8 University (France) (12 years as an associate professor) and Cordoba University (for 6 years). He has also taught scriptwriting at the ECAM.

Last update of this profile: 2021