A school#for filmmakers A school#for filmmakers

A school
for filmmakers

Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola is an academic, research and experiential community based on freedom, responsibility, security and equality among all its members.

EQZE is a space for free, emancipatory, egalitarian and safe learning, a territory that nourishes and protects exploration and research, individual growth and social construction, starting with the school community itself. At the same time, EQZE encourages students to develop community responsibility and to strengthen their role in shaping community life.

Another constant of EQZE is an awareness of and engagement with social construction, which is reflected in the dimension of the academic community itself. This is viewed as a structural question that permeates the daily functioning of the school and is channelled through the regular Akelarres or community weeks. Sharing the daily life of the building with other residents of Tabakalera also helps to reinforce this collective and social commitment.

Members of the EQZE community have the right to enjoy equal opportunities and to be treated with respect and dignity. The effective development of this community corresponds to all people, regardless of their role in the school.

A space for personal commitment

EQZE is funded by tax-payers’ money and therefore has a mission to serve the public community. It has a strong sense of social and political responsibility, which all members of EQZE are called upon to uphold. Far from being an abstract ideal, this commitment is something that is reflected in the school’s daily activities.

The school is our place of work, our film ‘factory’. It is a place for exchanging ideas, meeting other people and building a shared project, brick by brick. In line with our work-based philosophy, attendance (in class, workshops, labs and study periods) is obligatory, since, as well as being necessary for academic advancement, it is also a question of respect for one’s fellow students and society in general.