Elvira Arbós

Elvira Arbós (2023-2024)

Elvira Arbós (1999) began her studies at the International French High School in Málaga, where she was exposed to both Andalusian and French heritage and began to develop an interest in film as a mixture of the intimate and the experimental, of Varda and Val del Omar. This interest prompted her to complete a higher-level vocational training course in lighting, filming and image processing, before earning a Diploma in Documentary Filmmaking at the Madrid Film and Audiovisual School (ECAM), thanks to a scholarship awarded by Warner Bros. During that time, she engaged in projects such as L’intimité, Los muertos del vino dulce and Ruinas Futuras, the last of which she co-directed alongside three of her classmates. She currently collaborates with different groups who seek to re-think new narratives.

Last update of this profile: 2023