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04/19/2023 04/22/2023

Liminal cinema, bodies and spaces

exÓRBITA  explores the absence of limits, transitionality and fluidity in contemporary identities, and how the latter are formed as a result of the transit of bodies through spaces. At the same time, questions are asked about the forms that can be adopted by the passage through rituality, dance, the body in movement and the cinematographic space itself. To this end, the programming oscillates between three different forms: cinema screens, audiovisual installations and live dance.

The Tabakalera cinema is hosting a season of films comprising works that offer a unique look at all these issues. The season opens with Goodbye, Dragon Inn (Tsai Ming-liang, 2003), a film that embodies the programme's spirit and invites the audience to move beyond the screen. Mary Jiménez, who directed Fiestas (1988), will be attending the screening of her film to give us an insight into her vision and her work. In the closing session, the short film Liminals (2017) by Jeremy Shaw will engage in a dialogue with a visual performance by Whitney Conti. Obscuro Barroco (2017) by Evangelia Kranioti and Supernatural (2022) by Jorge Jácome will also be screened

Throughout this season the Aisle 2 space will be housing the Tierra en trance installation by the Mexican group Los Ingrávidos. Tierra en trance is an audiovisual triptych that appropriates Mexican images and transfigures them through a process of cinematographic shamanism. Through its three trance-like screens, the memory trapped in the images is turned into a hypnotic, intimate, political ritual starting from ancestral times and going up to the present day.

Sala Z will be the venue where we will be breaking open the black box of cinema in a session in which dance will manifest itself both on screen and live. It will start with the screening of short films dealing with how digital identities are shaped around dance and celebration. Afterwards, the local dance company qbonitocolectivo will perform a piece that will transfer this idea from the screen into the physical space.

exÓRBITA invites the audience to approach cinema not only with their eyes, but also through their bodies. The programme proposes a threshold, a view not only to look at, but also to walk through. The possibility of inhabiting spaces and bodies in a different way. The chance to create our own orbit.

exÓRBITA is a programme organised by EQZE's students of Film Curating Studies (2022-2023 Academic Year).